Broken Headstone

Broken Headstone
SolutionAs with any cleaning process or repair work you must first get permission and you must also inspect the stone to see if it is stable. It may be in pieces but you have to see if the stone itself is still strong. Once this is accomplished you may take a wire brush to remove any dirt on the broken ends. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU WOULD USE A WIRE BRUSH ON A STONE! Depending on the size of the Stone you would either use a team with some kind of lifting device to lift it up and check the fit on the part that’s still in the ground. You then place a bead of epoxy down the center of the brake. Do not smear epoxy over the edges. Now you’re ready to brace and clamp The headstone while it sets. There are many types of epoxies here are some that are highly recommended.
Tools and
Small Brushes
Angle Braces
Plastic Scrapers
24-Inch Level
Work Table
1×2 Wooden Straight Edges
Mixing Pan
Saw Horses
Orvus Soap
Approved Epoxy
Craft Sticks
Rubber Gloves
ProductsWe recommend these epoxies…
Akemi Akepox 2030
Tenax Domo 10
Tenax Rivo 50
Rivo 15

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