Why was Jefferson Davis not tried for treason?

The question is what argument do you use when faced with this question.? The two most popular arguments go along the lines that if Davis would have stood trial it would have proven that secession was legal. The other argument is that the 14th amendment protected Davis from trial. Davis had already received punishment andContinue reading “Why was Jefferson Davis not tried for treason?”

is this the end? I hear many people in my travels say that in 30 years there will be no more groups to honor Confederate heritage. I for one do not follow this train of thought. If you look back through history you will find there was a time when Christians were heavily persecuted andContinue reading

Does State sovereignty still exist?

This debate has continued since the formation of this country. This has covered political debate to violent actions. Jefferson argued against Hamilton and Adams. Hamilton and Adams wanting a strong federal government. Jefferson felt the power should be reserved to the states. Many states at the signing of the Constitution refuse to do so unlessContinue reading “Does State sovereignty still exist?”