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is a partnership between CERT and Monuments Across Dixie that will provide you with groups and tools so you can make the most impact with your time and resources.

In The Spotlight

SCV Camp #14, The Isle of Wight Avengers is a 501C(3) group assisting in the restoration of the Monument to the Confederate Dead back to it proper status.

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News, Updates, and Events

Property has been purchased and work has started!!! You can help make by purchasing a brick paver in remembrance of your ancestor. Click Here for Brick Paver Form.

Thinking of repairing a family member’s headstone? Click on the photo above to learn about approved techniques by C.E.R.T. Questions are always Welcomed!

Camp #405 Rowan Rifles is fundraising for a full size bronze Replica of Fame. With a $40 donation, you will receive a 6″ Fame Mini-Monument.


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Defend Original Monuments

Learn to Clean and Preserve

Establish New Memorial Parks

Establish New Museums

Raise Mega Flags

Vandalism Clean Up

Historic Preservation Projects


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