is this the end?

I hear many people in my travels say that in 30 years there will be no more groups to honor Confederate heritage. I for one do not follow this train of thought.

If you look back through history you will find there was a time when Christians were heavily persecuted and hunted. They were tortured, fed to wild animals for entertainment. It actually got to the point where they used the symbol of the fish instead of the cross to prevent execution for meeting. Yet when I travel around this great Southland or even just sit on my back porch I see churches everywhere. I see crosses constructed on lonely hills and various places. I see people meeting from small groups to large congregations to praise God. The point is after all that was done to them Christianity is still here.

Now let’s move forward. Those years of reconstruction after the war. Confederates in many places were not allowed to vote or hold public office. They were not allowed to congregate out in the open in a lot of places for fear of being arrested. Symbols such as buttons, uniforms, and flags in certain areas could lead to your arrest.

Sure we have some attacks going on right now but it’s nothing like what our ancestors went through. So even though they went through all that,…

as I travel the Southland or setting on my back porch I see Confederate flags. I see monuments. Some old some new. I see the SCV providing guidance and fellowship. They say to us and them we are together and we are not alone.”truth trampled to the ground is still truth”

we will not disappear.”we will not go silently into that good night”

I will keep my religion, my faith, and my Southern heritage close to my heart.

To quote Lynyrd Skynyrd”they can’t take that away”

Keep the faith and God bless Dixie!

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