Does State sovereignty still exist?

This debate has continued since the formation of this country. This has covered political debate to violent actions. Jefferson argued against Hamilton and Adams. Hamilton and Adams wanting a strong federal government. Jefferson felt the power should be reserved to the states. Many states at the signing of the Constitution refuse to do so unless the state’s retained their sovereignty. Over history there are many conflicts that have taken place. Those seeking a strong federal government have chipped away at State sovereignty. One of the first major conflicts with loss of life was of course the war of northern aggression. Southerners truly believe that the north was not adhering to the original Constitution. While the loss of the war of northern aggression advanced those who see the federal government as the ultimate control. There are examples over time since then where people have made a stand for the Constitution and its original intent. Defending State sovereignty.

In the early 1900s we saw a state sovereignty violated again that ended in the loss of life.The use of air power by the United States Army during the West Virginia Mine Wars still stands as the only time that American military aircraft were used during a domestic civil disturbance.

The next glimmer we saw has nothing to do with political parties but brings out an interesting point. When riots were taking place on the West coast many people wanted to know or wanted president Trump to send in the troops. The response president Trump gave was that “the troops are ready, he just needed an invitation from the governors.”the fact that he honored State sovereignty with this statement also justified and reinforced what we as Southerners knew all along that Lincoln’s war was done illegally .because no Southern State invited the federal government in.

So in conclusion I have to say. State sovereignty is not dead. It shows up at various times glowing like an ember. It is our job to see that small light in the darkness and feed it and help it grow wherever possible.

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